Please use the search form above in order to retrieve weather history data for a specific weather station. You can search for a weather station using its name, WMO or ICAO ID. Example: Type "Seattle", "72793" or "KSEA" into the search field for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Weather History Data

meteostat provides detailed weather history data for thousands of weather stations worldwide. We use multiple sources (e.g. NOAA, DWD) to ensure a high coverage for all countries and regions. History data is available in three different time intervals: monthly, daily and hourly. Please be aware that some of our sources update their databases with several months of delay. It may take up to one year till certain statistics are available at meteostat.

Hourly Records

Hourly weather reports are provided by airport weather stations worldwide (METAR data) and include information on parameters like temperature, wind, pressure and humidity. METAR reports are designed to deliver basic information that allows pilots to adjust their actions on the given circumstances. The dataset does not provide detailed information and cannot be used as a source for exact calculations. However, hourly records allow users to review specific weather situations and events.

Daily Statistics

Daily records are published by the Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN). The database contains detailed calculations and measurements including averages, minimums and maximums for a wide range of meteorological parameters.

Monthly History

Monthly history data can be viewed by year. The interface allows users to compare the averages of a specific year with the long-term normals. “How hot or cold was last year compared to the average?” – meteostat’s monthly weather history data has the answer.