Statistical Weather and Climate Data

Weather and climate database providing detailed weather data for thousands of weather stations worldwide. Take a look at yesterday's temperatures or discover the weather hundreds of years ago.

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Climate Data

Long-term climate data is available for many weather stations worldwide. The normals provide detailed information on meteorological parameters like temperature, precipitation, sunshine duration and air pressure by month. Furthermore, those statistics serve as a solid base for calculating weather anomalies. The climate data available at meteostat is based on actual measurements taken by the respective weather station.

Weather History

Hourly weather data is based on observations provided by the german weather agency for many european weather stations and METAR reports made available by NOAA. Daily records are published by NOAA's Global Historical Climatology Network and enriched with aggregations of meteostat's hourly data basis. Explore the weather in retroperspective with powerful statistics and detailed observations. Some datasets date back to the early 19th century.

Weather Stations

The meteostat weather station index contains more than 5,000 active weather stations reporting hourly measurements to the database. There is no weather station in every single town. But most likely meteostat covers a weather station close to you. Get started with meteostat and find nearby weather stations.