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Climate San Francisco

San Francisco, California usually reaches an average annual temperature of 14.3 °C (57.7 °F). Therefore, the climate can be classified as warm. With an average temperature of 17.8 °C (64 °F) September ist the warmest month. January is the coldest month with a mean temperature of 10.3 °C (50.5 °F). In total the difference between the two months amounts 7.5 °C (13.5 °F). San Francisco has an annual total precipitation of 549 mm (21.6 in). The seasons have a signifant influence on the amount of precipitation. On average, the most precipitation falls in January with 119.0 mm (4.7 in). July only experiences an average precipitation of 1.0 mm (0 in) in most years. According to that, the margin between the two months amounts 118.0 mm (4.6 in).