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Climate Rio de Janeiro

The climate in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro is usually very warm. The annual average temperature amounts 23.4 °C (74.1 °F). Compared to the other months January is the warmest. At this time of the year the average temperature lies at 26.4 °C (79.5 °F). In July the average temperature drops to 20.5 °C (68.9 °F). The temperature range between the warmest and the coldest month amounts 5.9 °C (10.62 °F). Rio de Janeiro has an annual total precipitation of 1460 mm (57.5 in). The seasons have a signifant influence on the amount of precipitation. With a total precipitation of 189.0 mm (7.4 in) on average January is the wettest month. July only experiences an average precipitation of 56.0 mm (2.2 in) in most years. Thus, The range between the wettest and the driest month amounts 133.0 mm (5.2 in).