Climate Map

Weather and Climate are an important part of our daily life. You are planning your next vacation? Would be good to know which weather you can expect during your trip. As you probably need to plan a few months ahead weather forecasts cannot do the job. meteostat provides long-term climate data for thousands of places - so you know what to expect.

Furthermore, weather statistics become more and more important as the climate begins to change. We try to measure the changes in our world's climate. But first we need to define what we understand by 'normal'. Our climate statistics are created using actual measurements of at least three decades.

meteostat provides climate normals for a wide range of cities worldwide. Statistics always include data on temperature and precipitation as we use global models to ensure a high resolution for all countries (reference period ~1950 to 2000). Model data is calculated using actual measurements of many weather stations in the whole world. It also includes satellite data and simulations on top of complex algorithms.

Furthermore, meteostat collects statistics for thousands of weather stations worldwide. The data is provided by government organizations like NOAA in the USA, MetOffice in the UK and DWD in Germany. Climate normals are available for a bunch of reference periods (e.g. 1961-1990 or 1981-2010). The advantage of actual weather station data is that you can clearly tell what it refers to.

You can search our database for any city, let us locate your current position or jump to a random place.