meteostat is a free online service which collects weather and climate data by various public and private sources. The website includes climate statistics for multiannual reference periods, detailed history data with up to hourly resolution and future scenarios for climate change.

Data can be retrieved by weather station or place. Furthermore, the project contains vivid maps of climate normals.

meteostat welcomes developers who want to build applications and websites using data provided by meteostat. It's a simple deal: We supply the database and you build something amazing. Please contact us for more information.

The project enables everyone to retrieve meteorological data easily. It also provides the necessary tools to understand climate and climate change.

What does meteostat stand for?

Climate change is a very important issue. Even if the consequences of our behaviour are obvious many people still deny that climate change is happening. National governments claim to fight against climate change but continued to give other topics priority. The world's societies are complex structures and politics has to deal with many issues.

But the situation is urgent and requires us to work together to save the beautiful planet that was given to us. We try our best to participate in the change that must happen. Our contribution to that change is the provision of open data that can proof climate change and some of its effects.

We promote open data and support climate change enlightenment.

What does meteostat offer?

Can I support the project?

We are thankful for everyone who wants to support meteostat. Most of our processes are automated and do only require maintenance by programmers. Nevertheless, an uncommercial project always needs helpers. Please write us a mail to for more information.

Meteorological data is quite complex. Just the storage of hourly METAR reports produces significant amounts of data. Currently we store those reports for more than 3,000 weather stations in all member states of the United Nations. Totalized almost 30 million hourly records are added to our database every year which occupies about 4 GB of disk space. Since data is queried frequently our infrastructure is highly stressed and requires some (financial) input. In case you're using an ad blocker you can support meteostat by deactivating it on our website. Many thanks!